Madama Hostel & Bistrot è un design hostel accogliente e luminoso. Un luogo d’incontro dall’anima interculturale, che rappresenta un crocevia tra la cultura milanese e la comunità dei viaggiatori. Una casa lontano da casa, in cui soggiornare oppure fermarsi a fare colazione, pranzare, prendere un aperitivo o semplicemente passare del tempo circondati dalla bellezza, declinata in tutti i sensi. Ospitalità e accoglienza sono all’ordine del giorno, così come una particolare attenzione all’ecosostenibilità e all’arte.

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Madama Goes Green

Good practice


At Madama Hostel & Bistrot being eco-friendly is the name of the game. Our staff pay the greatest care and attention to every aspect of environmental sustainability, from choosing simple, stylish furniture – made by local craftspeople who are known throughout Italy for their contemporary, artisan style and use of upcycled materials or, where that's not possible, traceable raw materials from sustainably managed forests – to small everyday actions. Disposable plastic is banned - cutlery and plates for the buffet aperitif and for take-away are made of biodegradable and organic material, placemats and napkins are made of recycled paper, straws have been eliminated - and sparkling and still water, always served for free, is tap and purified. In the interest of better environmental awareness, our staff members are always ready to help the guests in both the bistrot and the hostel to correctly sort waste for recycling.



We also have several green partners, including WorldRise Onlus, Legambiente Lombardia and Fauna Viva, who we work with to run monthly meetings to raise awareness among guests and locals about waste, resources, and protecting the environment. All of our actions that contribute to sustainable development have been broughttogether in the Madama Goes Green manifesto, a compendium of best practices.

Madama against food waste


At Madama we believe (and are a proof of the fact that) it is possible to manage a business in a sustainable way, both for economics and environment.

In 2016 we banned plastic in every form, from plates to straws: all our disposable items, including doggy bags, are compostable. We serve filtered tap water, both still and sparkling, for free to anyone, and prevent the waste of thousands of disposable bottles. Recycling bins are at disposal everywhere, including in private and common rooms, and we use cleaning products of minimum environmental impact.

In 2019 we joined Too Good to Go, to prevent food waste.

The henhouse


A few steps away from Madama, our friends from @‌soulfoodforestfarmsitalia and @‌cascinet_agrohub, in collaboration with Milan Politech University, are going to build the neighbourhood henhouse, among the trees of the Agriforesta between Corvetto and Chiaravalle, in the very south of the city.

News is you can actually adopt a hen and contribute to the project actively (Madama did adopt a few already: La Madama, Canaglia, Ariele, Elton.

More info on @‌adottaunagallina and be part of the change!

``I think having the land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art form you could ever want.``

(Andy Warhol)

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